Angels Softball Club under aegis of ASCWA is a national & International level Players affiliated nationally with Baseball and Softball. The Association has been active since 2012, in the field of Promotion and enhancement of the level of Special sports Culture among the Baseball & Softball games The Association takes Participate regularly in national level Games, training programs, sports meets and competitions. It also identifies sports talents and sends them to participate in major Nationals and International sports events.

We are proud of our achievements and hard work and lot of people connected with our team led to on field success most of our players have represented Delhi National and International.

Softball is a directed descendant of baseball although some key difference are that softball are larger than baseball and the pitches are thrown underhand rather than overhand despite the game’s the standard softball is not soft, in fact it is harder than baseball.

As a part of its diverse endeavours in the field of Softball an American sports, the Association will be Participate the NDISL-New Delhi International Softball League and the Slow-Pitch Softball tournament from December 2017, the double elimination tournament on March 2017 at the premises of the ACSA- "American Community Support Association at American Embassy, New Delhi.

We have been winning this championship The League, Single & Double Elimination Tournament since last eight years under the banner of Appu Ghar Angels. To develop and encourage young talents, we have decided to play with two team’s angels Senior and Angels Juniors. There will be 10 teams, namely Canadian High Commission, American Scholl AES Teachers OTT , Bad Bulls , AES Students Tiger ,Gaints, American Marine Eagles , and four locals’ teams, Angels Appu Ghar Blue Sox SR, Angels Appu Ghar Red Sox JR, Blue Jay’s, Grand Slam,  Gulshan Homz Hawks .

Single Elimination Tournament:


The American Embassy School, Chankya Puri, New Delhi Organiseing Cricket Tournament, The ACSA League September 2016 - March 2017, The ACSA Single Elimination Tournament December 2016. The ACSA Double Elimination Tournament march2017. Delhi State Softball Tournament, The IBSL Tournament Thailand.

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